Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ad Challenge from ACOT

Morning all! Today I'm going to link you up to one of my own favorite challenge sources - ACOT or A Cherry On Top. They post a whole list of challenges each month for both paper and digi scrappers and have been a source of much inspiration for me in the past. Today I bring you their March Ad inspiration written by their dt member Kristianne.
And don't forget, if you do our challenge we want you to share! Details here

Ad inspiration is about taking ideas, such as colors, patterns, title or keywords, theme, font styles, and element placement, and using them to create your own layout. You can break the ad inspiration down to a basic sketch, copy a prominent design straight from the ad, or you can alter a design to fit your own layout. Most ads are 8.5x11" but you can adapt the ad to fit any size. Remember, this is not a sketch and you are not required to follow every detail. The key is to really LOOK at the ad and find the pieces that INSPIRE you!

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  1. I did this one today!

    -Heather (HCayH)