Monday, March 23, 2009

Poker Challenge

Draw five cards from a deck (if you don't have one you can do it online here)
Then create your page based on the following...

For each heart use one photo (if no hearts use one photo anyway)
For each diamond use one piece of cardstock
For each club use one piece of patterned paper
For each spade use one word in your title (3 spades = 3 word title)

For each of the following cards use at least one of the associated item.
A - brads
1 - rhinestones
2 - ribbon
3 - button
4 - felt
5 - flower
6 - star
7 - eyelet
8 - transparency
9 - pin/charm
10 - die cut
J - stickles/glitter
Q - journal spot/strip
K - chipboard

Here's some gorgeous pages from the dt..

Angel - I had to use 1 pic, 2 pp, 2cs, felt, brads, transparency, flower and a die cut

Cortney - I had 1 piece cardstock, 4 pieces of pp, Brads, chipboard (x2), die cut, and stars

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